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International Corporation -TBS Trading (TBSCO)

TBS TRADING Company, abbreviated as TBSCO GROUP, is a commercial companies aiming to advance their goals in order to accelerate and facilitate business affairs including exports and imports from CIS countries, especially arabic country and china and Europe. tbsco group is a trading, importing and exporting company in various petrochemical ,mineral,Building material,metal ,food fields . The co-founders of the complex have started with more than a decade of experience with the goal of expanding foreign business activities. Nowadays, when it comes to price, quality, familiarity with the local market in the region and country, and having enough information in the business, only companies and individuals can succeed that have in paying attention. The main focus of this group is to supply and distribute various types of petroleum, petrochemical, mineral,construction,metal ,food products in international markets and has established a close and solid relationship in the countries of its activity, relying on its many years of continuous efforts and efforts.

The Best Supplier

We AreThe Best Supplier

Buying products and services required by the company is an art. Good management means the art of procuring the products and goods you need from the right source.Buying the products and services needed by the company is an art. Good management means the art of procuring the products and goods you need from the right source.

We are the best in the following cases, that is why we are always selected

competitive price• Quality and security• Ease and simplicity in work• Lowest risk• Skill and agility• Easy accessibility• Product quality guarantee• The fastest time between receiving the order and delivering the goods.

International Corporation -TBS Trading (TBSCO)

We are Exporter, Supplier, Producer, petrochemical products, mineral, construction, metals, food, sea food and agriculture products in high quality, huge volume and best price by us: So we can send you MSDS if necessary. All production factories under our branch has been established base on unique specifications and exclusive features in an strategic location. By taking advantage of these benefits TBSCO has managed to achieve considerable results in such a short time including being horned as top exporter for recent several years.

TBS CO have significant competitive advantages are:

• Possession of two exclusive jetties also access to a neighbor jetty next to the our factories in south Iran
• High speed loading of goods
• Capability for loading bulk cargo, bags and jumbo bags
• Easy access to Persian Gulf
• High quality products according to international certificates
• Implementing different management systems
• Having up-to-date German technology for production and loading
• Having high quality raw materials near the factory in our own mines

TBS CO GROUP mission is:

“Supplying products and goods for the foreign markets. Regarding the mentioned mission, stable development of the export markets is on agenda. Therefore powerful presence in the commercial events of target markets and expanding efficient cooperation methods with potential trade partners in this context is so important.