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Import  Mining and Road Construction Machinery

Due to the increasing need of mines for the machinery and equipment they need and the wear and tear of this machines, TBS International Co. by conducting a market research and identifying the needs of respected miners and improving the quality level and updating and modernization The country’s mining machinery has decided to import these machines directly and without intermediaries from European countries and neighboring countries and is ready to import any mining machinery and road construction of Volvo Sweden at the request of respected miners and road and mine operators. Announces to Iran. The company also uses the high capacity of mining experts with work experience and experience to adapt the capability and efficiency of machinery to the needs of mines and road builders in the country, which covers a wide range of market demand to provide this type Machines. Also, due to the non-Iranian nature of this company, this company has been able to neutralize all oppressive sanctions and cover the direct import of zero machines with a performance of less than five years. Relying on God, we hope that with your support and support of those involved in mining and road construction, we can take an effective step towards improving the quality level and updating the mining machinery and equipment and road construction in the country.

Iron and Steel


after 10 years of experience in supplying construction rebar and after using steel making units in order to improve the quality of its products and develop its construction products, put on the agenda the production of rebars and various types of iron, steel, zinc and aluminum ingots. Also, according to the needs of the country’s construction industry and export markets, it started to supply rebars and all kinds of iron and other ingots in accordance with the needs and desires of domestic and export markets and with quality and international standards, and in these years managed to export a large volume Types of ingots, rebars and hash iron. TBS International Group produces and sells the above iron products and types of ingots using the latest technology by factories under its own brand.

Our Products :

Include all kinds of simple and ribbed rebars, all kinds of aluminum ingots, iron, zinc and sponge iron and H iron in various dimensions and sizes. For orders and more information, please contact us via email or Whats App.

Import And Export
Export and Import Products
Today, the importance of the export of goods and manufactured products is not hidden from any production and economic unit, we are still witnessing that the important economic and industrial countries of the world have put export-oriented production in line with the demand of the world market on their agenda in order to be able to obtain global financial resources. By taking as much as possible the share of the world markets to earn its production and economic units.In this regard, it is very important to choose the right target countries among about 200 countries in the world to provide products. If the target market and the needs of that market are determined carefully, it will not be difficult to get an order to export the product to the target countries.
The primary target market of a product includes countries that are recognized as having the potential to export the desired product from our country based on the examination of several indicators. The most important of these factors are the rate of growth in imports, trade balance, import duties, domestic production or consumption, monetary value and volume of world imports and history of imports from our country, existing marketing channels, distance and political and commercial relations with the country. geographical and demographic studies, sociology-cultural behavioral studies After studying the market and identifying the desired countries, the next step is to formulate the correct export marketing strategies, which include the strategy of how to enter the market, the strategy of positioning in the market, the product and branding strategy, the pricing strategy, the supply strategy and related strategies. It is with the field of promotion. Obviously, the development of these strategies will be done by taking into account the needs of the target market.
The results of international market research help companies and firms in formulating strategies according to the needs and demands of the target market, and finally, after formulating marketing strategies based on the selected target market, it is time to find people or There are companies that are buyers of the desired product in the target market. Buyers across the border, depending on the type of goods, include manufacturers, traders, distributors and suppliers, and there are various ways to find them.

We are exporter and Importer of Mineral materials,Construction,agriculture,petrochemical,metal,refinery,food,sea foods and high quality, huge volume and with the best price. All production factories under our branch has been established base on unique specifications and exclusive features in an strategic location. By taking advantage of these benefits TBS co has managed to achieve considerable results in such a short time including being horned as top exporter for recent several years.


“Supplying products and goods for the foreign markets. Regarding the mentioned mission, stable development of the export markets is on agenda. Therefore powerful presence in the commercial events of target markets and expanding efficient cooperation methods with potential trade partners in this context is so important.

International Corporation -TBS Trading (TBSCO)

TBS TRADING Company, abbreviated as TBSCO GROUP, is a commercial companies aiming to advance their goals in order to accelerate and facilitate business affairs including exports and imports from CIS countries, especially arabic country and china and Europe. tbsco group is a trading, importing and exporting company in various petrochemical ,mineral,Building material,metal ,food fields . The co-founders of the complex have started with more than a decade of experience with the goal of expanding foreign business activities. Nowadays, when it comes to price, quality, familiarity with the local market in the region and country, and having enough information in the business, only companies and individuals can succeed that have in paying attention. The main focus of this group is to supply and distribute various types of petroleum, petrochemical, mineral,construction,metal ,food products in international markets and has established a close and solid relationship in the countries of its activity, relying on its many years of continuous efforts and efforts.

TBS Group

Office : Located in Iranian customs ( Shahid Rajaei port, Bahonar port, Langeh port, Jask port, Nordoz border, Astara border ,Bazargan border , Isfahan customs)

Our Customs and port services:Iranian customs ( Shahid Rajaei port, Bahonar port, Langeh port, Jask port, Nordoz border, Astara border ,Bazargan border , Isfahan customs)

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