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About us

TBS Group is a international Group and provider commercial service.TBS Group is a largest supplier and is a  collection of the largest manufacturing and international transportation companies in the world . we are Exporter,importer and the best supplier of mineral materials,Building materials,Agriculture products,Types of metal ingots and products of them , petroleum and petrochemical products, Electrical Appliances and equipment such as wire and cable and other products in high quality, huge volume and competitive prices . All companies under our collection has been established, base on unique specifications and exclusive features in an strategic location. By taking advantage of these benefits TBS Group has managed to achieve considerable results in such a short time.

TBS Group is one of the largest providers of transportation services. (Land, sea, Rail, Air) Also we do customs formalities and clearance, charter and unloading and loading of bulk and container ships, and carrying out transit operations in the southern and northern ports of Iran. Also us accepting your cargo in the Astrakhan ports of Russia.

TBS group has the ability to transport and supply and deliver all kinds of bulk ships and 20″ and 40″ normal and refrigerated containers to transport all kinds of petrochemical, petroleum, mineral and metal and agricultural products.

One of our other honors is 15 years of experience in the field of transporting all kinds of bulk cargo, cereal, sugar, flour, basic goods from Russia and other countries to Iran, and delivery and transit of goods to other countries through Iran and versa.

In additional, TBS Group has been able to provide significant services to its customers and achieve great honors by directly cooperating with the most reliable sea and land, rail and air lines.


Supplying products and goods transportation for the foreign markets. Regarding the mentioned mission, stable development of the export markets is on agenda. Therefore powerful presence in the commercial events of target markets and expanding efficient cooperation methods with potential trade partners in this context is so important.

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