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Transportation Services

Our activities in the field of transportation services:
Door to Door: We manage and perform all matters related to your shipment, including customs operations from the relevant factory or the place of packaging of goods to the final place of goods.
Logistics and warehousing: loading and transporting petroleum products (drums, flexi bags and pallets) customs clearance
Ground transportation: ordinary trucks and trailers and refrigerators (for transporting perishable goods)
Transit: Domestic and foreign to Asia, Europe, Turkey, Arab and former Soviet Union (CIS)
Multiple transport (composite)
Project transportation (scheduling and management of project transportation)
Air and rail transport
Shipping by:
full charter ship (bulk and regular)
Common goods: Petroleum products, bitumen, ore and mineral products, billets and iron, chemical and agricultural products, food and Sea food , petroleum and petrochemical parts and equipment, industrial machinery and equipment and tools.
Container: Delivery of ordinary, refrigerated and special containers in ports or delivery of the door of your loading place as soon as possible without delay

Customs And Clearance Services

  • Order registration, obtaining import licenses, import and export of all products and goods.
  • Preparation of export documents (preparation of draft declaration, preparation of wrapping documents implementation of final declaration system, receipt registration and electronic license)Submitting all documents to the employer (final statement, receipt and licenses)Coordination with the destination customs at the origin for issuing the declaration and performing the sealing operation.
  • Sending documents to the authorized representatives of the company in the border customs and receiving the notification of receipt of the consignment.
  • Performing domestic transit procedures, clearance of imported goods, cabotage, temporary entry.
  • Obtaining exemption from paying entrance fees for discounted equipment.
  • Warehousing at customs.