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Import  Mining and Road Construction Machinery

Due to the increasing need of mines for the machinery and equipment they need and the wear and tear of this machines, TBS International Co. by conducting a market research and identifying the needs of respected miners and improving the quality level and updating and modernization The country’s mining machinery has decided to import these machines directly and without intermediaries from European countries and neighboring countries and is ready to import any mining machinery and road construction of Volvo Sweden at the request of respected miners and road and mine operators. Announces to Iran. The company also uses the high capacity of mining experts with work experience and experience to adapt the capability and efficiency of machinery to the needs of mines and road builders in the country, which covers a wide range of market demand to provide this type Machines. Also, due to the non-Iranian nature of this company, this company has been able to neutralize all oppressive sanctions and cover the direct import of zero machines with a performance of less than five years. Relying on God, we hope that with your support and support of those involved in mining and road construction, we can take an effective step towards improving the quality level and updating the mining machinery and equipment and road construction in the country.