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Import And Export
Export and Import Products
Today, the importance of the export of goods and manufactured products is not hidden from any production and economic unit, we are still witnessing that the important economic and industrial countries of the world have put export-oriented production in line with the demand of the world market on their agenda in order to be able to obtain global financial resources. By taking as much as possible the share of the world markets to earn its production and economic units.In this regard, it is very important to choose the right target countries among about 200 countries in the world to provide products. If the target market and the needs of that market are determined carefully, it will not be difficult to get an order to export the product to the target countries.
The primary target market of a product includes countries that are recognized as having the potential to export the desired product from our country based on the examination of several indicators. The most important of these factors are the rate of growth in imports, trade balance, import duties, domestic production or consumption, monetary value and volume of world imports and history of imports from our country, existing marketing channels, distance and political and commercial relations with the country. geographical and demographic studies, sociology-cultural behavioral studies After studying the market and identifying the desired countries, the next step is to formulate the correct export marketing strategies, which include the strategy of how to enter the market, the strategy of positioning in the market, the product and branding strategy, the pricing strategy, the supply strategy and related strategies. It is with the field of promotion. Obviously, the development of these strategies will be done by taking into account the needs of the target market.
The results of international market research help companies and firms in formulating strategies according to the needs and demands of the target market, and finally, after formulating marketing strategies based on the selected target market, it is time to find people or There are companies that are buyers of the desired product in the target market. Buyers across the border, depending on the type of goods, include manufacturers, traders, distributors and suppliers, and there are various ways to find them.

We are exporter and Importer of Mineral materials,Construction,agriculture,petrochemical,metal,refinery,food,sea foods and high quality, huge volume and with the best price. All production factories under our branch has been established base on unique specifications and exclusive features in an strategic location. By taking advantage of these benefits TBS co has managed to achieve considerable results in such a short time including being horned as top exporter for recent several years.


“Supplying products and goods for the foreign markets. Regarding the mentioned mission, stable development of the export markets is on agenda. Therefore powerful presence in the commercial events of target markets and expanding efficient cooperation methods with potential trade partners in this context is so important.

Our Services

Capabilities and specialties:
  • Export and import, Search, Market Research, negotiation, transportation, Custom clearance) Carrying out all international trade and transportation affairs (sea, land, air) and domestic and foreign transit.
  • International marketing and business development and Sell, find foreign customer , marketing of goods and services and creating a market for the sale of goods in Iran ,Eurasia , CIS and Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, especially Oman Qatar through physical presence and contact with importers and traders and have a commercial grade and Distribution and distribution networks.Customs consulting and clearance of goods with the most appropriate price and without intermediaries in the southern ports of the iran country (Bandar Abbas,Bushehr,Bahonar,Anzali, Customs and Astara border terminal, and customs (Isfahan, Mashhad)Temporary and permanent import and clearance of all petroleum products and oil and petrochemical parts and equipment.
  • Supply of goods and purchase of foreign raw materials, parts and equipment from China, Europe and the Arab countries of the region, especially the UAE and Oman, Turkey.
  • Introducing and creating conditions for concluding permanent and temporary representation and sales contracts with foreign buyers, importers and suppliers, and purchasing and transferring technology and parts and equipment, transferring foreign currency, creating conditions for concluding joint venture contracts.     
Other Services available by TBS  Group

Take all measures to create demand and respond to existing or created demand in international markets, including:

  • Conduct marketing research to identify the target market.
  • Determining the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the product required by the target market
  • Identify and select a skilled and experienced distributor.
  • Negotiating to obtain the necessary permits.
  • Educate distributors on how to market each specific product.
  • Provide after-sales service to customers.
  • Preparation of documents required for the export of goods or obtaining international tenders abroad.
  • Providing requirements and suggestions for branding and packaging of export products.
  • Determining the exact costs of insurance, transportation, etc.
  • Provide advice on pricing products, goods or services.
  • Providing warehousing services in the target market.
  • Carrying out transportation and clearance of goods.
  • Risk management of payments and obligations of the parties and political and financial risks of contracts.
Customs and clearance services include:
  • Order registration, obtaining import licenses, import and export of all products and goods.
  • Preparation of export documents (preparation of draft declaration, preparation of wrapping documents. implementation of final declaration system, receipt registration and electronic license)Submitting all documents to the employer (final statement, receipt and licenses)Coordination with the destination customs at the origin for issuing the declaration and performing the sealing operation.
  • Sending documents to the authorized representatives of the company in the border customs and receiving the notification of receipt of the consignment.
  • Performing domestic transit procedures, clearance of imported goods, cabotage, temporary entry.
  • Obtaining exemption from paying entrance fees for discounted equipment.
  • Warehousing at customs.
  • for more information about our special services please download catalog PDF.