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Mineral,Building Products

Supply and Export cement,clinker
Production line and stone cutting

International Corporation -TBS Trading (TBS Group)

TBS TRADING Company, abbreviated as TBS GROUP, have collection of producer companies in own subset to aiming to advance their goals in order to accelerate and facilitate business affairs including exports and imports from CIS countries, especially Arabic countries and china. tbs group is a trading, importing and exporting company in various, mineral, construction , metal fields . The co-founders of the complex have started with more than a decade of experience with the goal of expanding foreign business activities. Nowadays, when it comes to price, quality, familiarity with the local market in the region and country, and having enough information in the business, only companies and individuals can succeed in paying attention. The main focus of this group is to supply and distribute various types of mineral,construction,metal products in international markets and has established a close and solid relationship in the countries of its activity, relying on its many years of continuous efforts and efforts.for more details about our product  please open PDF files.

Petrochemical & Petroleum  Products

Bitumen Products

TBS CO Energy Group

TBSCO Energy Group is a leading company in bitumen industry which was established in 2014.our factory is Tehran and Isfahan. tbs co owns one of the largest bitumen production units in the middle east which is producing various types of top quality bitumen in the world. 70% of our products are exporting globally. With our skilled human resources, we have over 30% of total bitumen production share in the country. One of the major objectives of our company is to fulfill domestic demands based on the latest standards as well as successful presence in global markets by providing high quality products.
We export 70% of our products to different Asian and African countries. our group has four separate bitumen production units which are producing blown bitumen by two units, bitumen emulsion & cutback bitumen.
we have one production factory in sari city and we have export terminal in Bandar Abbas.Air Blown Asphalt Capacity 40,000 BPD, Cutback Bitumen Capacity 7100 BPD, Bitumen Emulsion Capacity 20 MT/hr and Storage Capacity 75,000 MT.Production of all types of bitumen in according to international standards  (Penetration Grade (ASTM) • Viscosity Grade (VG) ) •Performance Grade (PG) •  Customized bitumen 

Bandar Abbas Export Terminal

The largest bitumen storage terminal in Iran ports by 500,000 MT/Year. Facilities are designed and constructed in accordance with API, ASTM, IPS standards.Delivery Services are in Bulk•Drum•Jumbo Bags • Bitutainer

We are proud to have certifications of CE ،ISO/IEC 17025  ISO 9001:2015 ،ISO/TS 29001 ،ISO 14001:2015 ، ISO 10015  ، BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007 ISO10002: 2014, ISO10004:2012, ISO31000:2009, HSE MS, ISO50001،ISIRI ,ISO certificates too.